Wolf man and Our Southwest RV Itinerary

We made it back home, and Kristi us had a long road in recovering from COVID. And in the couple of weeks it took us to get home, take care of Kristi and the kids, and run a business, all of my personal grooming went by the wayside. As a result I got home, lookedContinue reading “Wolf man and Our Southwest RV Itinerary”

Kristi wanted to pull the camper – west Texas

If you haven’t noticed, Texas is a big state. You really notice the size when driving from Houston to El Paso. Somewhere between “Road Runner” Texas and “tumbleweed” Texas, Kristi mentioned that she wanted to learn how to pull the camper. Be my guest. I was pretty tired of driving at that point. I thinkContinue reading “Kristi wanted to pull the camper – west Texas”

Change of Plans: Marathon not a Sprint

After being on the road for almost a month now, Kristi and I started reassessing where we were planning on going next. Our plan previously to head to New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, and Colorado. Travel pace However, we have learned that the itinerary might be a little too ambitious. It could be done, butContinue reading “Change of Plans: Marathon not a Sprint”

Texas Weather: Florida’s drunk cousin?

Since we left we’ve spent a bit of time in Texas. One thing I’ve learned about the weather here is that it is similar to Florida’s weather but like Florida’s drunk cousin. At any given moment on a calm day the wind can pick up to 20-25 miles per hour. Or start hailing. Or whateverContinue reading “Texas Weather: Florida’s drunk cousin?”

Week 2 – Bike fixes, More deer, school, etc.

Just as the family was getting used to our daily bike rides, Kristi hit her derailer on a stick when we were on a trail ride and snapped that thing in half. It even twisted her chain so her rear wheel wouldn’t move. In fact, the derailer (usually hangs below the cassette on the backContinue reading “Week 2 – Bike fixes, More deer, school, etc.”

Days 3 and 4 – Rest in East Texas

We finally arrived to our destination outside of Houston TX. The drive was long must mostly easy until the last day. From Lafayette, LA the roads and traffic were bad so it made for some focused driving and not much cruise control. Two funny stories: Bumpy roads We thought we were home clear of theContinue reading “Days 3 and 4 – Rest in East Texas”