Change of Plans: Marathon not a Sprint

After being on the road for almost a month now, Kristi and I started reassessing where we were planning on going next.

Our plan previously to head to New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, and Colorado.

Travel pace

However, we have learned that the itinerary might be a little too ambitious. It could be done, but should it be?

One primary goal of this adventure was to “reset.”

At home we have habits, responsibilities, kid activities and chores.

On the road we have the same responsibilities but on a much smaller scale.

As such, we like the “travel for 2-3 days, rest for a week or two approach.”

Some people don’t want to say more than a few days or a week at any given place. Not us. 1-2 weeks feels about right.

Less than a week feels a little too rushed.

By week 2, we have settled in and could say longer or are ready for the next adventure. Either way, we are happy.

Spring break

Another thing that happened that made us rethink our plans was spring break.

So apparently, the desert, like Florida beaches, gets booked up pretty quick during late March, early April – not just the camping spots but also the activities.

For instance, Carlsbad Caverns, one of our “must do” national parks is selling out so quick that they now require you reserved online.

The next two weeks is sold out.

New plans: New Mexico

This leads me to our new plans.

We were going to stop every couple days in New Mexico for some sightseeing, but instead, we are going to travel for 2 days to “get there,” and use the park as home base for about a week while we check out the sights in the area.

We won’t be able to see everything from that spot but we should get a good portion of activities.


Then we’ll travel on for a couple more days to reach Arizona. Again, we’ll park it for a couple of weeks.

We have a long list of to-dos in Arizona that we are looking forward to.

Lost Las Vegas

Next, we were planning on heading to Las Vegas for 2 weeks to swim and maybe visit some national parks in Utah (Zion) and Grand Canyon.

But we decided we wanted to go to Colorado more…

So instead of trying to hit Nevada, Utah and Colorado in 3 weeks time, we decided to start heading back east and north one state to Colorado.

Colorful Colorado

With Colorado as home-base, we should theoretically be able to visit a couple of parks in Utah (Moab) and check off some “must do” items in Colorado itself.

From there we’ll likely sweep back through another part of New Mexico, the Texas to hang out for a week or more before we travel 3 consecutive days home from east Texas.

That’s the plan for now.