Kristi wanted to pull the camper – west Texas

If you haven’t noticed, Texas is a big state.

You really notice the size when driving from Houston to El Paso.

Somewhere between “Road Runner” Texas and “tumbleweed” Texas, Kristi mentioned that she wanted to learn how to pull the camper.

Be my guest. I was pretty tired of driving at that point.

I think Kristi had a whole new respect once she felt this:

Gusty west Texas

Spring is typically a nice time of year in most places, right?

The chirping of birds.

The blooming of plants.

The moderate temperatures.

Apparently this is not true in west Texas.

Storms come in almost weekly and wind gusts from Mexico, known as the jet stream, come in blowing between 20 and 40 mph. We never knew this.

We are now “woke” as the cool kids say.

As such, you see little dust tornadoes everywhere and feel the occasional gust, especially when you are pulling a trailer.

No bueno.

It wasn’t bad weather, just had to take it easy though the second half of Texas as you couldn’t “see” the wind coming.

What’s up with that Texas? Remember that post about Texas weather?

Stay woke.

Camping West Texas

Since you probably read the blog for photos of the family and kids (and sadly not my rants – tear), here are a couple of good photos from our west Texas stop.

They were actually getting along. So I had to take a photo to prove it to mom.
“What? Ford makes tractors?” Mind blown!
Hide your gardens when Harper comes to visit. Your flowers will be plucked. At least she is picking flowers and not her nose. I’m glad that phase is over.

More soon.