Jingle Bells: Sledding White Sands New Mexico

Not only is the campground we are staying at in an awesome location overlooking the mountains. They also have the sleds here to loan out. So today we decided to visit our first National Park – White Sands New Mexico. Missile Testing Facility On the way in we passed the missile testing facility. Boyz IIContinue reading “Jingle Bells: Sledding White Sands New Mexico”

New Mexico: New home for the week

We finally exited the state of Texas. I know people are marveled by Florida weather but I am equally in awe about this region of the country. In a single days drive we went from blistering hot desert, to dust tornadoes, to wind gusts, to rain, to snow, to sunshine. Weird. However, we arrived atContinue reading “New Mexico: New home for the week”

Walmart diesel exhaust fluid (Super Tech)…why is it half price?

Newer diesel trucks require something called DEF or Diesel Exhaust Fluid in addition to fuel. The name brand DEF costs about 12 bucks at Walmart and 20 bucks or more at gas stations. There is a generic brand called Super Tech that costs about half – so $6 for the same 2.5 gallons. I finallyContinue reading “Walmart diesel exhaust fluid (Super Tech)…why is it half price?”

Kristi wanted to pull the camper – west Texas

If you haven’t noticed, Texas is a big state. You really notice the size when driving from Houston to El Paso. Somewhere between “Road Runner” Texas and “tumbleweed” Texas, Kristi mentioned that she wanted to learn how to pull the camper. Be my guest. I was pretty tired of driving at that point. I thinkContinue reading “Kristi wanted to pull the camper – west Texas”

Change of Plans: Marathon not a Sprint

After being on the road for almost a month now, Kristi and I started reassessing where we were planning on going next. Our plan previously to head to New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, and Colorado. Travel pace However, we have learned that the itinerary might be a little too ambitious. It could be done, butContinue reading “Change of Plans: Marathon not a Sprint”

Texas Weather: Florida’s drunk cousin?

Since we left we’ve spent a bit of time in Texas. One thing I’ve learned about the weather here is that it is similar to Florida’s weather but like Florida’s drunk cousin. At any given moment on a calm day the wind can pick up to 20-25 miles per hour. Or start hailing. Or whateverContinue reading “Texas Weather: Florida’s drunk cousin?”