Texas Craft Beer Post

One of the simple joys in life is local craft beer. I read that somewhere online which must make it true.

Anyway, if I can’t visit the breweries, I like to pick out a mix and match 6 pack or something similar to test out the local flavors.

Since one of my favorite breweries is in Texas (Spoetzl – AKA Shiner) I ended up doing both a tour of the brewery (6 pack) a mix and match (another 6 pack).

My buddy Josh introduced me to Shiner Bock years ago as the crown jewel of Texas.

Anyway, here are the findings of my ice cold, refreshing yet extremely important “research”…

Delicious and refreshing with a hint of agave. Think Corona on a hot day at the beach but better.
Too hoppy for me. If you like IPAs, worth a sip.
If you like German beers (I do), this one is smooth (and only 95 calories if you are watching your dad-bod). Double score.
I work with a lot of attorneys and love blueberries so this one was a match made in heaven.
Like a birthday party in my mouth. Just kidding. A little sweet to have more than one of these. But would be appropriate as a birthday cake replacement.
I love orange. I love cinnamon. I don’t love sours. I got this one out of sheer curiosity. But I couldn’t finish it. I might find a couple to bring back to friends who enjoy sours and get their take.
Tasty and light for a bock but got a little sweet towards the end.
Now I’m not a huge fan of grapefruit but they make it work. And it’s only 95 calories (probably due to the grapefruit) so we’ll call it a “healthy choice.”
Like a “shiner bock light” is the best description I have.

Given that it is our last couple of nights in Texas I figured I’d try our last couple of new Texas beers.

Yes that says “margarita” and “lager” – reminds me of a bud light lime except slightly more sour.
Tastes like great, great grandpa’s beer yet reminds me of the movie “Strange Brew”

If years of schooling and multiple degrees have taught me anything, it’s that it isn’t scientific unless you can prove your results by replicating them.

As such, maybe on the way back trough Texas we’ll try again.