Fort De Soto, 4th of July, and Red Tide

We decided we o try the new rig close to home at Fort De Soto park in St. Petersburg beach. After all, some of our favorite beaches in the state are just due south of here in Manatee and Sarasota counties. Plus, we had never been to “the fort,” but have heard good things. TheContinue reading “Fort De Soto, 4th of July, and Red Tide”

Wolf man and Our Southwest RV Itinerary

We made it back home, and Kristi us had a long road in recovering from COVID. And in the couple of weeks it took us to get home, take care of Kristi and the kids, and run a business, all of my personal grooming went by the wayside. As a result I got home, lookedContinue reading “Wolf man and Our Southwest RV Itinerary”

Less is more…and a pottery store

So how’s Kristi, you ask? Well, a couple of days after arriving in Texas, I had to take her back to the ER due to shortness of breath. Sure enough, pneumonia in both lungs. As a souvenir, she was prescribed a steroid, antibiotics, antinausea just in case and something else in addition to the 5Continue reading “Less is more…and a pottery store”

COVID in Colorado (and Mesa Verde too)

A lot has happened during the past 36 hours. Went to a national park. Had a couple “shitcidents.” And had a confirmed case of COVID. Where should I begin? Kristi has had a migraine pretty much since we arrived in Colorado, so we haven’t really been able to enjoy the sights as much as we’dContinue reading “COVID in Colorado (and Mesa Verde too)”

Durango Train Ride, Snow, Brews, and Views

We took another train ride today. This time from Durango, Colorado up the Animas River into the San Juan National Forest to Cascade Canyon. The views looked like this… Snow flurry As we pulled into Cascade Canyon for lunch, we went from sunny weather to a snow flurry in the matter of 10 minutes. ThisContinue reading “Durango Train Ride, Snow, Brews, and Views”

RV internet: 5G or 4G? What are the best hotspots for campers in 2021?

Traveling and working from an RV isn’t necessarily easy. One big challenge of living on the road is Internet. Mobile Internet Mobile Internet plans tend to be expensive and worse yet, typically limit your bandwidth. Even “unlimited” plans are not really unlimited. After you hit the “fair use” bandwidth clause on the contract (usually aroundContinue reading “RV internet: 5G or 4G? What are the best hotspots for campers in 2021?”

Forget Route 66. What about Route 89?

Many people have heard of Route 66 – the famous highway that goes east to west frequented by RVs and those seeking the western states. That route definitely has some cool stuff along the way but what about Route 89? So far, Route 89 has contained not only the most scenic drives, but also someContinue reading “Forget Route 66. What about Route 89?”