3 Days To Texas

Our time in Colorado ran out without much to show for it. We did get to do a few things:

We took an incredible train ride in Durango.

The kids and I rode some great mountain biking trails.

We took a glance at Mesa Verde National Park.

But Kristi didn’t get to do much.

Now what?

We were 1 week from heading home anyway. So we decided to cut that one week out of our trip, and instead head back to Texas – the halfway point – in case it got worse or the kids or Eliot got COVID.

So we skipped Carlsbad Caverns until next time.

This would buy us 2 weeks time to figure it out and let Kristi rest.

After all, her headaches started feeling better with the meds. So we thought we were over the hump…

Sights and thoughts along the way

It took us 3 days of driving to get to the Fort Worth area but it could be done in less.

With the kids in tow and Kristi not feeling well we didn’t push it.

300 miles a day is pretty solid when you are pulling 12,000 pounds.

I-40 > I-10

The first thing I noticed from the drivers seat is that the stretch of I-40 from Texas to New Mexico is way better than the same stretch of I-10.

Once we hit Lafayette, LA on I-10 driving turns into a game of Fogger where you have to dodge idiots, potholes (remember Dukes of Hazard?), and miles of construction.

Anyway, with Kristi sleeping and the kids having their long awaited internet time, I had a lot of time to think and observe…

Here are a few of the sights along the way:

Hot air balloons of Albuquerque

Windmill fields

Buffalo farm

“What did the father Buffalo say to his kid Buffalo?”


You can keep that one in your back pocket.

Oil pumps

Angus Beef farm

We passed the largest angus beef farm I’ve ever seen.

Texans do love their steak after all.

Cadillac Ranch

Note: I did t take any of these photos as I was driving…

Now that we’ve parked in Texas, we are going to try to wait out COVID.

We are nearby hospitals and the DFW metro if things go south.