COVID in Colorado (and Mesa Verde too)

A lot has happened during the past 36 hours.

Went to a national park. Had a couple “shitcidents.” And had a confirmed case of COVID.

Where should I begin?

Kristi has had a migraine pretty much since we arrived in Colorado, so we haven’t really been able to enjoy the sights as much as we’d hoped.

We’ve had a good day or a fun afternoon here or there but less than what we expected.

Migraine at Mesa Verde

Finally on Sunday, Kristi got tired of it and we decided to venture to Mesa Verde National Park.

As we started to climb in elevation her headache got worse and we had to turn around and drive the 20 miles back down the mountain and out of the park.

This is the one photo we took in the park while letting the kids have a bathroom break before heading out.

Telehealth and Insurance are jokes

We called our telehealth to try to see if they could prescribe something for a migraine. No big deal, right?


First, the Walgreens pharmacy in our area happed to be closed on Sundays. We didn’t find that out until after they called in the prescription.

So she called back and had them transfer it to Walmart. Problem solved, right?


She called the Walmart to find out that they didn’t have the medication in stock. It would have to be ordered and wouldn’t arrive for 2-3 days.

No bueno.

So we called the next pharmacy – Safeway. Hurray, they have it in stock. So we call back and transfer again.

We get to Safeway only to find that insurance has a pre-approval notice on that medication. There is a minimum 3-14 day approval process and nothing that we can do. No reimbursements or anything.

We plead with insurance. Sorry sucker.

We plead with the pharmacist. Nothing they could do.

We have really good insurance so I hate to see what bad insurance looks like.

The medication was crazy expensive without insurance (think thousands) so Kristi opted out.

It was almost Monday at this point where she could schedule a telehealth with her primary.

Playground Poop

On top of all of this, we stoped at a park while we were trying to figure all of this out to let the kids play.

I sat down on a bench and a bird pooped on my head from the tree above.

True story.

At that point it was my confirmation that today wasn’t going to go our way.

Persistent Migraine

The next morning her migraine was unbearable so she asked me to take her to the urgent care or hospital so she could get some relief.

As we are trying to walk out the door in the wee hours of the morning and amidst the chaos, the dog vomits everywhere.

I can’t make this up.

At that moment, I knew then that today wasn’t going to be our day either.

Confirmed COVID

These days, it doesn’t matter what you go in for, they are going to test you for COVID.

If you walk in with a missing leg, they’ll still test you for COVID.

As it turns out she tested positive for COVID and the doctor claims that is the cause for the intense migraines.

COVID wasn’t even on our radar.

Thankfully, she left the doctors feeling a lot better thanks to the Presidential cocktail they gave her to relive the symptoms.

They didn’t write a script though so we still had to figure out a regular doctors appointment in Florida to get something in case the migraine came back.

Later that day, she almost missed her appointment since she never got a conference invite. But after several calls back and forth to the doctor, we got it worked out just in time.

She got her meds!

Multiple urgent work issues

As soon as I arrived back at the camper, and while the telehealth visit was going on, I received 2 frantic phone calls from team members about two separate, unrelated urgent issues I had to help resolve.

All this while trying to calm the kids about mommy having COVID thanks to the media.

The reason why I mention all of this is to illustrate that even though we are on an epic road-trip, life doesn’t always work out in your favor.

Needless to say, it was not our week. But we are ok.