Durango Train Ride, Snow, Brews, and Views

We took another train ride today. This time from Durango, Colorado up the Animas River into the San Juan National Forest to Cascade Canyon.

The views looked like this…

View from the front of the train to the back as we headed back to the train station.
Emerald and Hazel river

Snow flurry

As we pulled into Cascade Canyon for lunch, we went from sunny weather to a snow flurry in the matter of 10 minutes.

This is why you should always bring a jacket kids…

Snow started coming in around the river bend.
Snow flakes not lice
Rainbow from the steam engine
Catching snowflakes

Railroad and Durango Museum

Back at the train station they have a free museum featuring Durango train and local memorabilia.

This was surprisingly cool.

Look out for that moose
Harper’s private coach
1928 Ford Model T
Rail Bike

Steamworks brewery and restaurant

We finished the day at a local brewery and restaurant.

One final note on this. Their French dip was actually a freshly smoked beef brisket…wait for it….with Swiss and smoked bacon. And it was amazing. It has joined the ranks of the top 5 sandwiched I’ve ever had. I just wanted to put that out there.