Southwest Colorado Beer Post

Colorado is known for beer. There are too many breweries to visit without people thinking I have a problem.

I call it a solution, but that’s just my opinion.

So this post is focused on the few (the very few) microbreweries I visited or drove past while staying I a southwest Colorado.

Ska Brewing

This brewery is located in Durango and has built the brewery from shipping containers.

Kristi was talking to the beer man at the grocery store and he recommended this seasonal beer. He said it was very popular.

I wasn’t expecting much by the can but I was very surprised.

If this was Bud-Light, I’d totally drink Bud-Light. Quite good “daily drinker.”


We visited Steamworks after our train ride in Durango.

Their beers weren’t bad but the unique ones (you know, the ones to write home about) were not my style – one made with green chilies and hot peppers, and a sour.


This one was my favorite from the flight and tasted like a Kolsch – exactly what I would expect. I like German beer so I enjoyed this very much.

Pain Pils

This was decent but nothing too unique or to write home about.


This was a bit fruiter thank I expected. Not bad, just reminded me of a mix of cider and wit.


I didn’t care much for this one. I did drink it though so it must not have been that bad.


This was a very strong red.


This was one of the most unique beers I’ve had. It was made with green chilies and hot pepper.

You know that circus person that can shove a flaming sword down your throat?

That is exactly what it felt like to drink this.

Personally I hated it. But I can think of several people I know who would love it.

I give it a B+ for creativity.

Dolores Brewing

This brewery was only 4 minutes down the road and they have a cool logo so I was excited to check it out.

One thing I loved about this place is that although they don’t have the best selection of beers, many were German and Bavarian origin – a brewery after my own heart.

The place was really cool, right in a little historic downtown, in a historic building with a nice courtyard, and wood fired pizza.

Here are a couple of the brews I got to taste before COVID showed up and ruined the party.

Who invited that guy anyway? Such a jerk.