Lazy weekend

With Kristi’s bike being broken, we had to go into town a bit more than we had expected last week.

We are an hour or so away from town so every time we went out, it would take several hours and we wouldn’t get back to camp until late.

Also daylight savings time happened during this time.

So we cancelled most of our plans and decided to slow down this weekend before we hit the road again next week.

We might try to visit another tourist trap or museum this week but if not, no big deal.

Instead we are just trying to enjoy the weather. It’s been between 45 and 70 degrees and sunny most days.

Instead we just did some bike riding, deer feeding, fishing, shell finding, rock skipping, painting, play-grounding (if that is a word), and otherwise stuck pretty close by.

Here are some random photos

Harper feeding the deer
Kristi’s new friends
She’ll finding
My wheels. “Voguing”
Mona Lisa butterfly
We even found some local Texas BBQ nearby. Weekends only. Sells until sold out.

Well, it looks like we are out of carrots again. A grocery stop is in order.