Road school history lesson gone wrong

While in San Antonio, we decided to give the kids a history lesson on the Alamo and the Mexican American war.

Makes sense, right?

After all, we did get to actually tour the Alamo.

A couple of days later we rented the movie on the Alamo (which is supposedly historically accurate and not too gruesome).

We’ll the kids and the their friends found a metal pipe and a piece of plywood, and decided to build their own Alamo in the woods.

The Kids replica of the Alamo, cannon and all.

The cannon (pipe) fired by filling it with ash and blowing on one side.

Pretty cool, actually!

All was well until we heard the kids running around screaming, “kill the Mexicans! Kill the Mexicans!”

Obviously, the kids have no idea that what they are saying is offensive. They don’t have a racist bone in their body.

The Texans were just portrayed as the hero’s in the movie and the Mexicans were the enemy.

And they were just pretending to defend their Alamo.

However, we did have to tell them to tone it down, and had to explain to the neighbors about our seemingly harmless history lesson so they didn’t think we were racist.

Here is one example where a road school history lesson went sideways.

I can’t make this stuff up.