Walmart diesel exhaust fluid (Super Tech)…why is it half price?

Newer diesel trucks require something called DEF or Diesel Exhaust Fluid in addition to fuel.

The name brand DEF costs about 12 bucks at Walmart and 20 bucks or more at gas stations.

There is a generic brand called Super Tech that costs about half – so $6 for the same 2.5 gallons.

I finally figured out why it cost half the price…

It’s because half of it ends up down the side of your truck or on the ground instead of in your tank.

The nozzle for this thing is awful. In no way would it seal and thus, the liquid spills everywhere.

I even tried duck tape and gorilla tape but still spilled everywhere.

Thankfully I had funnel for the toy hauler’s gas tank which did the trick but became a two person job.

So if you buy Super Tech DEF, be sure you have your own funnel.

Maybe it is half off for a reason…