Day 10 – Almost normal day

Now that we are posted up for at least a week we need to get back on a school and work routine.

So today we did just that.

Except the kids have been begging to go feed the deer again now that we are refilled on carrots.

So after dinner we went on a trail ride and deer quest.

Here is what we found…

That’s right. A field of 20-25 deer.

Once they saw we had carrots they were happy to come right to us.

This has definitely been a highlight for the kids and for Kristi. They have a new respect for wildlife.

A mom and her fawn.

Late into the bag of carrots, a limping deer came wandering in. He definitely needed some food.

Once we stared feeding him, he didn’t want to leave.

The kids named the limping deer trooper. Here is a photo of the kids (and a friend they made) with Trooper the deer.

That is our almost normal start to the week…