Days 3 and 4 – Rest in East Texas

We finally arrived to our destination outside of Houston TX. The drive was long must mostly easy until the last day. From Lafayette, LA the roads and traffic were bad so it made for some focused driving and not much cruise control.

Two funny stories:

Bumpy roads

We thought we were home clear of the bad roads once we entered Texas from Louisiana. We were wrong!

Just after the welcome center the road was under construction and wow … we hit a dip without any warning! For a moment we felt like the Dukes of Hazard catching some air – or at a minimum maxed out our shock springs.

Thankfully we were all were if our seatbelts so we didn’t hit our heads on the ceiling of the cab.

I think we scared Low Rider though (he definitely got some air).

We joked the rest of the way about our things in the camper being smashed against the ceiling like “who left the knives in the ceiling?” and “how did the jelly smash against the roof?”

Sure enough, when we arrived, everything was everywhere (although no colored pencils were stuck in the ceiling).

Avoid toll roads

Second story: I guess we didn’t turn on the “avoid toll roads” feature on our GPS. So in busy downtown Houston, the GPS nautically took us on a long and very nice toll road in order to avoid traffic.

That’s great except that we discovered that our toll pass doesn’t work in Texas.

Of course, there were signs the entire way that remind me that toll “violators will be prosecuted.”

By the time we realized we were on it, it was too late to get off.

That is the last thing you want to think about is being in a Texas state prison after a long few days of travel.

Luckily, I found that they have a free get out of jail free card once every 365 days. I quickly created a Texas toll account to avoid this.

Anyway, after traveling the last few days we just wanted to take a couple of days to rest and let the kids play. So that is what we did.