Day 5 – Houston Space Center

We want to do something fun at each of our main stops. Since we are space nerds, Space Center Houston and Johnson Space Center was a natural “must do.”

The highlights from the visit were the following

747 and Shuttle

We got to go inside of both. This was sweet as Kris and I are children of the Shuttle era.

Mission Control

We drove past Mission control and all of the astronaut training facilities. The inside tour isn’t open due to COVID.

Space Vehicle Mock-up Facility

They did recently reopen tours of the Space Vehicle Mock-up Building. This is where they have all of the modules for the space vehicles and ISS. Astronauts have to train in this building for 2 years to learn how to use all of the controls.

It was cool to see people actively working in here. Also it was a great blend of old and new equipment such as new rovers and drones they are building for Mars.

We got to see the start of the future moon space station, the space center where they will send astronauts to stay before they go further in space.

Plus we got to see the current modules that make up the International Space Station.

This was pretty fantastic.


Drove past building 17 where the Orion project is being coordinated. This is the program that will begin once the current program ends in 2024.

Virtual reality mission

This was a quick virtual reality ride of sorts that mimicked being in space.

Saturn V and Rocket Park

This was a really cool display of the Saturn V rocket and it’s predecessors.

Space X Rocket

This was recently donated by Elon Musk. When NASA mentioned that they wanted to pressure wash it, Musk told them “absolutely not.” That it was part of its character and if they were going to do that he was going to take it back.

You gotta love his eccentricities. I agree. It looks better with the flame marks.

Astronaut Urine

The kids also learned that at the international space center, astronauts recycle all water including urine.

That’s right, they drink their own pee. That is all folks.