Forget Route 66. What about Route 89?

Many people have heard of Route 66 – the famous highway that goes east to west frequented by RVs and those seeking the western states. That route definitely has some cool stuff along the way but what about Route 89? So far, Route 89 has contained not only the most scenic drives, but also someContinue reading “Forget Route 66. What about Route 89?”

Downtown Jerome, State Park, Blown Glass & Kaleidoscopes

Jerome is one of the towns we have heard about from several people – from fellow travelers to Kristi’s grandparents in South Florida. We didn’t know what to expect but decided to check it out anyway being that we were staying only 25 minutes away. The town really unique being that it is built onContinue reading “Downtown Jerome, State Park, Blown Glass & Kaleidoscopes”