Off-Roading Sedona and Honanki Ruins

One of our most anticipated activities was today: Off-roading in Sedona.

Kristi and I did it when we came out here a few years ago and fell in love with it between my enjoyment of trail riding, her need for speed, and our mutual love for this mountain range.

We knew the kids would love it too.

Robbers Roost Cave Hike

We it first stop was a cave dwelling behind a mountain.

Unknown to us, there was quite a hike and a bit of a shimmy around a mountain cliff, so we just enjoyed a small cave and an amazing view of the mountains.

Cant have kids falling off mountains to ruin the fun at the ruins.

Harper volunteered to climb in the cave. We declined.
Notice Kristi and the kids in the top right. Gives you an idea of the magnitude.


There is a small national park buried way back in the national forest here.

Our national park pass got us in for free. Rock on.

They have a very rough dirt road to get to it, or you can go the back way by UTV or ATV. Our preferred method.

Remains of a 70 room cliff dwelling.

Schooled for the day

That was our school for today. How to do donuts in a UTV, a history lesson on ancient ruins, and for P.E. we hiked up and down a mountain.