The hunt for kitty

One of our last couple nights in Texas, our neighbors and new friends were all exchanging places to go and others to avoid.

After all, each of us were from different parts of the country and traveling different directions.

We’ve discovered some of the best hidden places you might find only by someone’s recommendation.


During this time, we all kept hearing a meow that sounded like a cat in despair.

Like maybe the cat was trapped in a burning camper?

Or maybe the cat was stuck in a tree?

Either way, the noise was just loud enough that once you notice it, you cannot ignore it – like a smoke detector battery dying.

The witch hunt

Everyone was getting so distracted with this we went on a hunt to find this desperate cat and set it free.

We’d think we found the noise and shine our high powered flashlights in the trees, and then the cat would seemingly jump to another nearby tree.

It was pretty impressive.

We never found that poor cat.

The text

A few days after we left, we got a text from one of new friends that were part of that discussion and hunt. It read:

“Found out the critter making the noise was a ring tailed cat. We saw one the other night climb a tree. The. Started making that noise. It’s mating season. So he was probably above our heads.”

My reply:

“That’s hilarious. Kristi did think it was a cat! I guess she was sorta right. Didn’t think it was a raccoon creature. Thanks for solving the mystery.”

So it just ended up being some horny ring tailed cats lurking in the trees…