Day 8 – Biking with deer in Hill Country

My kids and I are both enjoying and agonizing over the hills in the campground when riding our bikes around.

It feels great going down the hills but burns climbing them as Harper accurately put it.

Being Floridians, we barely get to see any kind of hills.

That said, Brayden already loves biking (as do I). But this is Harper’s first time mountain biking. I’ve been secretly training them at home for this day with frequent bike rides. Her stamina on the bike has really improved over the past few months.

Harper went down her first mountain bike trail and yelped with glee, and told me that she loved mountain biking.

Music to this dads ears. I do too!

Deer experience

But beyond that, as we have been riding around the campground, we’ve seen deer everywhere.

Brayden has been an ace at spotting them.

As we were on our morning ride, we noticed some kids just off into the woods with about 10-15 deer. They were feeding them carrots.

Our kids, naturally slammed on the breaks to join in.

Here are some photos…

When we got back, the kids were quick to tell mom about their experience, and she was excited to grab what was left of our carrots to go down and do it again.

Now we have no carrots for dinner.